What to Do When You Have Concerns About the Safety of Your Roof After a Contractor Has Completed Work

When you have doubts about the quality of a roofing job, the first step is to contact the contractor directly. All roofers must provide a warranty on their workmanship, which covers any errors made during the roof replacement process. It is important to remember that your contractor is better trained and equipped to perform the initial inspection than your insurance adjuster, and you likely have included the items necessary for proper repair or replacement within the scope of tasks that the insurance adjuster would not consider. If you are not satisfied with the contractor's response, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

This could be enough to convince the contractor to finish the job or return what is due to him. It is also important to note that contacting the roofing contractor before the insurance company evaluates roof damage can open a direct line of communication between the contractor and the adjuster. When dealing with unlicensed contractors, legal recourse can be more difficult and it can be expensive or even impossible to obtain a resolution for any problem. That is why it is essential to hire a reputable roofing contractor for any roof replacement or repair; they will get it right the first time. Before accepting any type of roofing contract, potential customers should research the credentials and insurance status of any potential contractor. Old roofs are more susceptible to damage than newly-installed roofs, so some insurance companies may choose not to renew their policy.

If you find yourself in this situation, RoofCrafters can help. We have been assisting homeowners in this exact situation for nearly 30 years, and whether you have an oak branch on your roof or are looking for an easy repair, we've got your back.

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