Can a Roofing Contractor Repair or Replace Skylights?

Yes, roofers can often repair skylights. If the skylight has a leak, they may be able to seal it. If the skylight is broken, they may be able to replace the glass or fix the frame. Skylights work by letting light in through the ceiling.

Replacing a single skylight usually takes a couple of hours. Many replacements only require the installer to work on the roof. They will remove the existing skylight and replace it with a new one, in addition to replacing the wall coverings that surround it. Sometimes, they also need to do some interior finishing work, such as repainting and trimming the top of the light well.

Can Roofers Install Skylights?

Basically, a skylight is a window in the center of a house's roof, so homeowners may not be sure whether to call a window installer or a roofing contractor to install a window in the roof. The truth is that either of you can perform the installation of a roof window. Many roof and window companies include the installation of skylights in their services. There are also companies that install skylights exclusively.

Whatever type of contractor the homeowner chooses, it's important to investigate whether the company has done skylight installations before and if customers were satisfied with the work. They may also want to verify that the company is certified by the manufacturer of the skylights to install the products. Roofers can install skylights if they are trained to do so.

What Does It Take To Install Skylights?

In any case, experts recommend that owners call a professional skylight installer who can skillfully complete the job.

If it is difficult to access the roof, the installation process will take longer and therefore be more expensive. Some types of skylights must be installed on a slope, so they will not be compatible with flat roofs. They are equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to assess the damage, formulate a strategy to repair it and complete it effectively. Professional roofing companies have the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to carry out their work in a protected and effective manner.

The best option is to hire a local skylight installer, who will know how to install different types of skylights on various types of roofs.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional?

Now that you know the average estimates of different types of skylight installations, what will affect the cost of installation, and how to find the right roofer to install them, you can make your decision with confidence. I always hear that the skylights have been great and have never leaked, but when a contractor interrupts the skylight by going around it and installing a kit of flashing lights, the skylight has broken down and is more likely to leak.

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