5 Signs You Need a New Roof and How to Avoid a Bad Roofing Job

Even if your roof shows signs of the symptoms listed below, you may not need a total roof replacement. That's because a shabby roof can put your home at risk of potentially devastating water damage that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Here are five undeniable signs that you have a shabby roof that needs to be repaired.All kinds of bad things can happen around brick chimneys. Glints around chimneys can rust if they are galvanized steel, especially in the 90-degree curve at the bottom.

A quick but fairly long-term solution is to simply place a new gasket cover underneath the old rusty material. That way, any water that is filtered will be diverted. As a homeowner, you take responsibility for the repair and maintenance of your home.By being proactive about these things, you'll maximize the comfort of your home and avoid serious expenses stemming from structural failures in the future. While some maintenance and repair projects are small and can be managed as a DIY project over the weekend, others require the involvement of a professional.

Roof replacements and installations are some of the jobs that need an experienced professional.Unfortunately, not every roofing professional has the experience you need to achieve a beautiful new roof. Sometimes roofing contractors install roofing systems incorrectly, leading to a number of problems. To protect your investment, here are 10 signs of a bad roofing job and how to avoid it.Homeowners should perform visual inspections of roofs at least twice a year, as well as after major storms, to identify shingles that need to be repaired. Unless you have previous roofing experience, it's safest to perform the roof inspection from the ground with a pair of binoculars or hire an expert roofing contractor to complete the job.Check your home improvement records to see how long ago the roof was replaced or reroofed.

Knowing when a roof was installed (and what it's made of) offers an idea of how much life it has left. For example, a typical asphalt shingle roof lasts 20 to 25 years, while a roof installed over an existing tile layer must be replaced after 20 years.Sunken roof lines are easy to detect from the ground, as a properly installed ceiling will always be completely straight and even in appearance. At the first sign of a water leak, be sure to call a professional roofing contractor like First Star Exteriors to better understand the extent of the damage and avoid catastrophic problems.If you need a new roof, talk to the professional roofing contractors at First Star Exteriors. If the gutter is still practically in good shape, the easiest way to stop the leak is to cover the damaged area with adhesive tape to repair roofs and gutters (available at home centers and hardware stores).

Good roofing contractors install a drip border between the shingles and the subfloor to ensure that the structural support of the house remains intact and to prevent unnecessary water damage.The plastic air ducts (from home centers and building suppliers) in each beam space keep the air passage clear between the beams and the roof lining. This process makes the roof more vulnerable to damage and is usually a sign that it's time to replace the roof.While good websites are not synonymous with good roofing contractors, you should be able to view images of previous projects to understand their experience and skill level. Wind and other types of turbulent weather can cause shingles to detach from the roof and debris, such as tree branches and rocks, to crack, puncture, or fall onto shingles.Before finalizing any payment or roofing project, be sure to check for common signs that indicate poor roofing work. Just because you have some damaged shingles or a small leak, doesn't automatically assume that you need a completely new roof.Instead of allowing rain, snow and ice to slide off the roof, hollowed out shingles provide a “container” for water to settle.

This means that your roofing contractor didn't take the necessary steps to pretreat and evaluate your old roof before starting a new installation.Mismatching shingles are one of the easiest ways to spot poor roof work, so don't hesitate to talk. If the nails start to slip out of place, the holes and spaces around the nails that remain are susceptible to water penetration and can cause roof leaks.

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