Do Roofing Contractors Have Experience With Solar Panel Installation On Roofs?

As a roofer, you already have the necessary skills for photovoltaic installations. In fact, it's an important part of the job description. Solar energy is largely an unregulated industry, meaning that anyone can legally install photovoltaic panels on a roof. There are even solar home kits designed for the DIY enthusiast.

However, connecting photovoltaic systems to the power grid requires having an electrical license in your state. In addition, there are industry-recommended training and accreditation guidelines, such as those provided by the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP). If you're considering installing solar panels on your roof, it's important to understand the experience and qualifications of roofing contractors. First, contact roofing companies in your area.

Explain that you are currently using solar energy and need a new roof. Your roofing contractor will likely explain that not all roofing companies use the same solar mounting brackets, so you'll need to select the right roofing system for your specific solar panels. Solar installers are energy professionals, not roofers. And while the vast majority of them know what they're doing, there's a small chance that problems will arise in the future. Usually, the installer will penetrate the roof to secure the panel shelving system to the interior structure of the house.

And while installers are careful to plug openings with specialized sealants, every time the roof is punctured, leaks and other damage occur. All that said, professional and experienced roofing contractors could remove an installed solar panel before starting a roof replacement project. The assembly system is quite simple, and so you can expect that the most reputable roofing companies can handle this part of the process. Beyond that, separating all the cables is pretty simple. Yes, you can hire independent roofing and solar companies and manage things yourself.

However, the best thing to do is to hire the services of a company to manage the new roof with solar panels at the same time. Have a local roofing expert inspect your roof before installing the solar panel. They'll be able to check if your current roof was installed correctly, note any problems or repair areas, and determine approximately how many years your roof has left. Solar panel installations are generally carried out by specially trained technicians. These technicians are trained to understand the complexities that can be involved in the installation process.

They must take care not only of fixing the panels to the ceiling, but also for the electrical connections and interconnections between the panels. In Florida, panels must be able to withstand potentially severe wind and rain conditions, so initial installation is very important. Ask your installer for information about the methodology and materials you will use before doing any work. Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home and make you eligible for the federal tax credit for solar PV and other incentives. These numbers partly explain why a growing number of roofers are repositioning themselves as “roofing companies with solar panels”.

On the other hand, it's also a shame to replace the roof earlier than necessary and basically waste years of useful life. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), more than 2.8 million homes each year need a new roof. Finally, the quality of your roof covering is critical, as it acts as a base for both your roofing system and solar panels. Getting a new roof before adding solar panels allows you to avoid incurring that additional expense in just a few years. They can confirm that the roofing system you selected works well with your current solar energy system. Even if you can't pay for the installation up front, most solar energy companies also offer financing options where you could still qualify for that federal tax credit.

Whether it's a material that saves more energy, a more durable material, or a roofing material that's more affordable, not all roofing materials use the same solar mounting brackets. However, if you don't plan to live in your home for 15 to 20 years, or you can't afford to replace the roof, you might want to consider repairing or refining the roof. Whether you're still unsure about becoming a solar and roofing company, or you're already convinced of the idea, here are some important considerations that should be considered when making decisions. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy states that installing solar panels while replacing the roof can help you save money throughout the project.

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